Academic Philosophy

Our Lady of Prompt Succor School’s academic goal is to challenge each student to grow according to his/her intellectual ability, to inspire a self-motivated desire for knowledge, and to provide students with the necessary academic skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world.


  • To teach each child to develop analytical thinking and reasoning processes, while encouraging creativity and communicative skills.

  • To provide opportunities for all students to grow intellectually according to their individual capabilities.

  • To utilize a variety of teaching styles such as learning cooperatively, hands-on activities, group projects and independent work to provide many opportunities for success. 

  • To use methods of instruction that will motivate students to acquire basic skills needed to read, communicate, compute, study, think critically and solve problems. 

  • To provide positive reinforcement to encourage achievement. 

  • To assign age-appropriate homework to reinforce skills taught in class. 

  • To develop basic writing skills for effective communication.

  • To maintain communication with parents regarding the development of the child.