School Profile

 Our Mission

Our Lady of Prompt Succor School’s mission is to develop Disciples of Christ and to
foster academic excellence in a safe and respectful environment.


Our Motto

Jesus, when others see me, may they recognize You.


We believe that the ideal goal of each human being’s growth is to become as perfect a person as his native potential allows. This includes the maximum development of his spiritual, intellectual, moral, psychological, physical, aesthetic and social capacity, so that his total personhood is encompassed in his growth as a unique human being.  

We believe that our primary goal is to help each individual to freely choose his value system with knowledge and
inner conviction, so that these values, enhanced by positive Christian attitudes, will help him to determine his
principles of conduct in order to live a good Christian life on this earth and to enjoy God’s presence for all eternity. 

Standards & Accreditations

High Christian Standards Academic Leadership/Achievement Low Student/Teacher Ratio Certified Teachers
Accredited by: Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
Under the Supervision of: The Office of Catholic Schools of the  Diocese of Alexandria
Proud Member of the  National Catholic Education Association