PAW PRINTS is a character-building education program to help teachers develop desirable traits in their students and within their classrooms.  It is offered to students in Preschool-6th grade, with activities suited to the different age groups.

The program involves a “whole-school” approach to character education with reinforcement from clergy, administration, faculty, and staff.  PAW PRINTS aids in the formation of the whole child, not just academically, but spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically, so they can find deep meaning and true joy in living out these attributes.  
PAW PRINTS is an acronym that stands for Positive, Accountable, Worthy, Patient, Respectful, Inspiring, Nice, Tolerant, and Saintly.  Each month, a new attribute is introduced.  The lessons that accompany the attributes are designed to build on one another to form Christ-like minds and hearts.  The goal of PAW PRINTS is to live out our motto of “Jesus, when others see me may they recognize you.”