OLPS Paw Prints

PAW PRINTS is a character building education program to help teachers develop desirable traits in their students and within their classrooms.  It is offered to students in 1st-6th grades, with activities suited to the different age groups.

The program involves a “whole-school” approach to character education with reinforcement from clergy, administration, faculty and staff.  PAW PRINTS aids in the formation of the whole child, not just academically, but spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically, so they can find deep meaning and true joy in living out these attributes.

How does PAW PRINTS work?  The program is set up so that the teacher delivers one lesson each month for nine months on a given character trait: Positive, Accountable, Worthy, Patient, Respectful, Inspiring, Nice, Tolerant, and Saintly.  The lesson each month usually follows the same format, with an introduction and review, an icebreaker, discussion starters, group activity or activities, and wrap-up questions. The idea is that, as the year progresses, we are building upon these traits and reminding our students of all they learned in previous lessons. Lessons are revised each year to build and grow with the students as they progress through the grade levels. We are forming consciences and future adults who have convictions to act right, to do right...perhaps future Saints. It is a worthy task and a noble cause in building the Kingdom of God, which we are all called to do.