Why Catholic Education

With the many choices of schools that parents have in central Louisiana today, it’s natural to ask the question, “Why Catholic Education?” “Why should I enroll my child at Our Lady of Prompt Succor School?”

Our great academic program is certainly one reason, but every school touts its academics. There are many intangibles offered by OLPS School that make it an outstanding choice. A recent summary by the People’s Alliance for Continuing Education (PACE) lists just a few:

Catholic education offers young people a spiritual view of the world. We teach our students that God is in their lives and all around them. Our students pray every day and participate in Mass regularly. Religion is a part of the daily class schedule. As a child’s relationship with God develops, he or she becomes an instrument of God’s grace in the family, the community and the world.

Another fundamental value of a Catholic education is that of service. We put an emphasis on serving in the Church and the community from pre-school through sixth grade. God’s word teaches us that we are our “brother’s keeper,” and our students are taught to be sensitive to the needs of others and respond positively however they can.

Our school puts an emphasis on arts and culture. Modern society is not just about surviving but about thriving. Catholic education exposes students to drama, literature, art and music, and helps them to recognize these as gifts from God.

Catholic school students are taught to set goals in life that are not self-serving and empty. Our students are taught to set goals that do not serve only themselves but also benefit others.

We emphasize a safe environment for our students. OLPS School is not only a “drug-free zone” and a “gun-free zone” but a “Christ-centered zone.” All students recite our motto together every day with their morning prayers: “Jesus, when others see me, may they recognize you.”

OLPS School also encourages a “family” atmosphere among the students’ parents and families. This lasting social network can be a great support for young parents. It is one of the great strengths of our parish and school community.

Concerning academics, by the time Catholic school students reach the fourth grade, they are often ahead of their public-school counterparts. According to the U.S. Department of Education, Catholic school students consistently score higher on advanced achievement tests.

A recent article from the Catholic Schools Office in the Diocese of Peoria, IL indicated that the CARA Institute at Georgetown University recently confirmed that “strong moral values” is the top reason parents choose to send their child to a Catholic school. Another study at the University of Pennsylvania confirms that “success is not the number-one priority for most parents. We’re much more concerned about our children becoming kind, compassionate and helpful.” The article reasoned, “When it comes to raising their child, many parents look at the teachers at Catholic schools as partners, trusting they are teaching the same values in school as they teach at home.”

Fr. Dan O’Connor

Our Lady of Prompt Succor Parish Pastor


  • We truly love OLPS!  As an alumna of OLPS and an educator, I know my boys are getting a quality education while daily learning about their faith.   We are a family at OLPS.  My boys, husband, and I have developed friendships with people of similar values that will last a lifetime.  There is nowhere else we would rather be! (Current OLPS Parent & Alumna).. Read more
    - Blair J.
  • Madison started OLPS several weeks into her 4th grade year.  I cannot begin to explain what OLPS did for her.  Academically she was behind and all of her teachers spent the extra time she needed catch up.  She continued to get that attention through the 6th grade and ended that year with test scores higher than her grade level.  Not only has she begun to excel academically but spiritually as well.  Madison was baptized this past Easter.  She is truly happy and we are thankful to have experience all that OLPS has to offer.   (Former OLPS Parent).. Read more
    - Sharmon K.
  • As a graduate of Our Lady of Prompt Succor School, I have been the recipient of outstanding religious and academic education. Our Lady of Prompt Succor School has truly perfected the recipe for a well-rounded, successful student: academic rigor, religion classes, weekly Mass, various religious events, and an abundance of love. With several OLPS graduates scoring above 30 on the ACT, entering religious life, and becoming pillars in the community, the proof of the school’s success is all around us! Thank you to Our Lady of Prompt Succor School for your many years of offering the best in academics and faith formation! (OLPS Assistant Principal and Alumna).. Read more
    - Jessica L.
  • Loving Jesus. Loving learning. Loving others. It’s what we love about OLPS.    For the Chapman family, our commitment to OLPS revolves around two significant contributions to our children’s upbringing:  Christ and community.    We value our Catholic Christian faith, and resolved early on to do anything within our power to ensure our children would be raised with a strong sense of faith, of spirituality, of Biblical truth. While private school tuition can be a sacrifice, we determined long ago that there is no price too high for providing our children with a learning environment where a Christ was unashamedly the central focus. OLPS has met and exceeded our expectations for providing a Christ-centered academic environment for our children.    Because we want our children to become Christian men and women who are contributing members of our society, we chose to place our children in a community of like-minded parents. Our OLPS community of parents and children is tight-knit, supportive, and loving. Kids go to church together, they attend school together, they play sports together, they go to (a lot of) parties together. Essentially, these children create their own supportive little culture. Because of this frequent interaction, the parents, by .. Read more
    - Mandi C.