Fun Fridays

A big part of student life is FUN FRIDAY! 

Yes, FUN FRIDAY is super fun, but it is also meaningful. From the moment students arrive at school, the faculty and staff are committed to celebrating the successes of the week and enriching every student, regardless of their academic abilities. Preschool through 6th-grade students will cycle through various activities prepared by the teachers and administrators to enrich student learning. Students will never want to miss a Friday of school again! Students will never want to miss a Friday of school again!

FUN FRIDAY activities include a rotation of the following:

STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math) Lessons
Hands-on lessons covering a wide variety of topics from composting, etiquette, crime lab, and so much more. STREAM lessons are designed to cover the areas of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math.

PAW PRINTS Character Building
The nine attributes that students learn each year are Positive, Accountable, Worthy, Patient, Respectful, Inspiring, Nice, Tolerant, and Saintly.  These characteristics are a daily way of life and are introduced through experiential lessons.  

Bulldog Ministry
Music, skits, games, reflections, and prayer are the focus of this special ministry led by our Enrichment Teachers.

Bulldog Buddies
Leadership opportunities for older students to mentor younger students.

BIG Theme Day
Theme-oriented lessons that will allow students to dress up, experience, and learn about the theme being introduced.