Learning Lab

We are pleased to offer morning tutoring this year in the Learning Lab at Our Lady of Prompt Succor. 

If your child is struggling to finish a homework assignment at night or can’t quite grasp a concept from class, you can use our online form to sign them up for Bulldog Morning Tutoring in the Learning Lab. The online form will be open from 6PM until midnight the evening before each morning tutoring session. 

 The Learning Lab offers “targeted tutoring” to accomplish a specific goal or complete a specific part of a homework assignment. Our tutoring time is focused and will start promptly at 7:15 and dismiss at 7:45. Students should eat breakfast before arriving at school if they are signed up for tutoring. Students should report directly to the Learning Lab at 7:15 on the morning of their tutoring session. Bulldog Morning Tutoring is a free-service of Our Lady of Prompt Succor School.  

Tutoring spots are limited. Completing the online sign-up is a commitment to arrive at tutoring at 7:15 the next morning. Tutoring is individualized instruction, in addition to and in support of, regular classroom instruction. Bulldog Morning Tutoring is NOT for missed classwork or absentee make-up work, unless the teacher has been in communication with the parent.  In this case, parents are still required to complete the online sign-up form.

Questions? Feel free to contact Kasey Heard at heard_k@promptsuccor.org.

Please click the link below to access daily tutoring sign-up forms.
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