Catholic Traditions

Our Catholic Traditions and faith go hand-and-hand at Our Lady of Prompt Succor School.  Throughout the year, various grade levels take part in these traditions that make OLPS so special.  Students in grades PreK thru 6th grade attend weekly mass.  In addition to weekly mass, the school celebrates the following:


  • Blessing of our school - Prior to the first day of school, families of teachers and students, along with our Pastor, gather in the front of the school to begin the year in prayer.

  • School-wide Confessions - Students in grades 3rd thru 6th grade receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 

  • Rosary Walk - Students in grades 2nd through 6th grade walk from the front of the school to the church reciting the rosary.  We conclude the rosary, in church with Mass.

  • Discovering Catholic Schools Week - November 12 - 18 - During this week we work on recruitment for OLPS, discuss what we are about and invite families to come learn more about our school.
  • 4th grade parade of Saints - Each 4th grader chooses a saint, researches the saint and then dresses as the saint in honor of All Saints Day.
  • 2nd grade 1st Reconciliation - Students in 2nd grade receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  
  • Christmas Cheer - All students donate various food items that go to families in need to ensure they have a happy Christmas meal.  
  • Advent Projects - Each grade level chooses a charity to raise money for during the Advent season.
  • School-wide Confessions - Students in grades 3rd thru 6th grade receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during the Advent season.
  • Kindergarten Christmas Play - Our Kindergartens perform the beautiful story of our Lord’s birth. 
  • Happy Birthday Jesus Party - Students celebrate Jesus’ Birthday before leaving for Christmas break.  

  • Kindergarten attends Mass - Students in PreK along with their 6th-grade buddy & Kindergarten with their class begin to attend Mass.
  • Catholic Schools Week - January 28 - February 3 - At this time we share what makes our school special.  
  • Ash Wednesday - All students receive their ashes to begin Lent.
  • Stations of the Cross - 4th - 6th graders participate each week on Thursdays in Stations of the Cross.
  • School-wide Confessions - Students in grades 2nd thru 6th grade receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during the season of Lent.
  • Chrism Mass - 6th graders attend the Chrism Mass with the Bishop on the Tuesday before Easter Sunday.
  • 1st Grade Passion Play - Our 1st grade students perform Jesus’ Passion.
  • 1st Communion - 2nd graders receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist.

  • May Crowning - All students bring flowers to honor Mary.  6th grade students are chosen by their peers to be part of the May Crowning Court and crown Mary Queen of Heaven.  


  • We truly love OLPS!  As an alumna of OLPS and an educator, I know my boys are getting a quality education while daily learning about their faith.   We are a family at OLPS.  My boys, husband, and I have developed friendships with people of similar values that will last a lifetime.  There is nowhere else we would rather be! (Current OLPS Parent & Alumna).. Read more
    - Blair J.
  • Madison started OLPS several weeks into her 4th grade year.  I cannot begin to explain what OLPS did for her.  Academically she was behind and all of her teachers spent the extra time she needed catch up.  She continued to get that attention through the 6th grade and ended that year with test scores higher than her grade level.  Not only has she begun to excel academically but spiritually as well.  Madison was baptized this past Easter.  She is truly happy and we are thankful to have experience all that OLPS has to offer.   (Former OLPS Parent).. Read more
    - Sharmon K.
  • As a graduate of Our Lady of Prompt Succor School, I have been the recipient of outstanding religious and academic education. Our Lady of Prompt Succor School has truly perfected the recipe for a well-rounded, successful student: academic rigor, religion classes, weekly Mass, various religious events, and an abundance of love. With several OLPS graduates scoring above 30 on the ACT, entering religious life, and becoming pillars in the community, the proof of the school’s success is all around us! Thank you to Our Lady of Prompt Succor School for your many years of offering the best in academics and faith formation! (OLPS Assistant Principal and Alumna).. Read more
    - Jessica L.
  • Loving Jesus. Loving learning. Loving others. It’s what we love about OLPS.    For the Chapman family, our commitment to OLPS revolves around two significant contributions to our children’s upbringing:  Christ and community.    We value our Catholic Christian faith, and resolved early on to do anything within our power to ensure our children would be raised with a strong sense of faith, of spirituality, of Biblical truth. While private school tuition can be a sacrifice, we determined long ago that there is no price too high for providing our children with a learning environment where a Christ was unashamedly the central focus. OLPS has met and exceeded our expectations for providing a Christ-centered academic environment for our children.    Because we want our children to become Christian men and women who are contributing members of our society, we chose to place our children in a community of like-minded parents. Our OLPS community of parents and children is tight-knit, supportive, and loving. Kids go to church together, they attend school together, they play sports together, they go to (a lot of) parties together. Essentially, these children create their own supportive little culture. Because of this frequent interaction, the parents, by .. Read more
    - Mandi C.