Student Life Message

Welcome to Student Life at Our Lady of Prompt Succor School! In addition to our commitment to academics, our students have many opportunities to grow their individual gifts and talents as a Child of God.
Student Life goes beyond campus involvement to whole child development. Our faculty, staff, and administration are committed to grow and celebrate each child’s unique contribution to the Body of Christ. At Our Lady of Prompt Succor School, we are committed to provide ongoing opportunities and activities to nurture every area of development within your child.  We offer the following: 
  • Character building (Paw Prints)
  • Ministry experiences (Bulldog Ministries)
  • A mentorship program (Bulldog Buddies)
  • Fun Fridays
  • School clubs
  • Theater
  • Athletics
  • Service opportunities
  • And more…
As St. Ignitions of Loyola teaches, we believe in putting our love into action. We help students grow spiritually by providing them with opportunities to be loving disciples while doing things that they enjoy. By mentoring others, showing good sportsmanship, helping a community non-profit organization, or even by singing out their favorite song in our annual musical, our students learn to be disciples in every aspect of their life, not just in the classroom.  
We are so proud of WHO our students are, not just what they do. In all things, we celebrate the kind, respectful, and caring children we see all over campus and in our community.
Every day, in every way, in all that we do, “Jesus, when others see me, may they recognize You.”