Faith Recognitions


  • Exemplifies Christian virtues in everyday life.
  • Gets along well with others -- especially with teachers and peers.
  • Has good prayer life -- prays with conviction.
  • All-around good person -- feels good about him/herself and also feels good about God.

This award is given to one student in each classroom (Gr. 1-6) at the end of the school year. Students may receive the award once in lower grades (1-3) and once in upper grades (4-6), but not in consecutive years.

2017-2018 WINNERS:

First Grade: Payton V., Blake B., Camilla V. 

Second Grade: Molly B., Tripp M., Cadence D.

Third Grade:Lyza P., Collin L., Olivia H.

Fourth Grade: Ava L., Carson A., Ava M.

Fifth Grade: Samantha B.,JD P., Jack B.

Sixth Grade: Ellie J., Kerigan G., Marin M.