OLPS students look forward to yearbooks at the end of every school year! One yearbook is included in your Activity Fees at the beginning of the year. Additional yearbooks can also be purchased through the OLPS office. 

6th Grade Ads:

Family and friends of 6th graders honor their student with congratulatory ads in the back of our yearbook. 6th Grade ads are purchased and created online though Please click on the link below to purchase and create your ad. THE DEADLINE FOR 6TH GRADES ADS IS MARCH 15, 2020. If you have any additional questions regarding ads, please contact Patricia Upton at If you have a technical issue with Balfour's website, please contact Balfour at 1-800-BALFOUR. 

Yearbook Pictures and Content:

We don't want to miss anything so help us make sure everything is covered! We ALWAYS appreciate anyone willing to provide extra pictures or content to be considered. If your student or team receives a school related award, special recognition or win, please let us know about it! 

To add a yearbook content suggestion: click below on the content suggestion button. Please provide as many details as possible and your contact information in case we have questions. 

To submit picures to be considered for the yearbook, click on the link below to add pictures to or download the Balfour Image Share App. Our school project number is 916656. Please try to include the event, sport, student or any information that will help us place the picture appropriately.

2020 PROJECT NUMBER: 016656