At Our Lady of Prompt Succor School, we use a system to help us make our dismissal run more efficiently. The SchoolPass program is a tool that we have been using to alert teachers in their classrooms that the student needs to head to their dismissal location. Using the SchoolPass app, our staff members can add numbers to the app in the order you pull up in carline. This helps us keep the carline flowing quickly. Parents can also make changes to their child's default pickup or authorize their child to go home with a friend. SchoolPass also helps our staff to be more efficient in tracking dismissal plans and to reduce the possibility of miscommunications between home and school.

Parents are required to download and log into SchoolPass even if their child is going to afterschool care. This will help us in the event that parents need to make a change to their child's departure plans.


DPC Dismissal (2 options):
  • Early DPC - 2:40pm-2:50pm - PreSchool, PreK & Kindergarten (only)
  • Late DPC - 2:50pm-3:10pm - PreSchool - 2nd Grade (without older siblings)

21st Street

  • 2:50pm-3:10pm - 3rd - 6th Grade & sibling combinations (example: siblings in PreK, 2nd & 3rd - would use this option)

Please see the attached map to see how traffic flows for each dismissal location. It is imperative that cars do not skip the line. We use School Pass to input families into our database. Families/students are then lined up in the hallway and dismissed according to how they are input into the system. If a car skips the line, their child/children will not be at the designated spot and it causes a delay. While the lines look long, we are able to move quickly through the dismissal process and in a timely manner. Thank you for helping us with this!  Drop-Off and Pick-Up Map 

At the start of each school year, all parents will receive a welcome email from the SchoolPass system with instructions on logging in for the first time. 

Parents should review the two instructional videos below to learn how to install the School-Pass app

Apple devices:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  • Find the SchoolPass app in the list below and change the setting to "While
  • Using the App" and make sure that "Precise Location" is toggled on

Android devices:

  • Go to Settings > Location > App Location Permissions
  • Find the SchoolPass app in the list below and change 
  • Permissions menu to "Allow only while using this app"

School-Pass App Info. Videos